A couple of changes..

First change: Language

I decide to follow the rule which is saying: “if you don’t like something because you can’t do it perfectly – start do it more often”.

Also I would like to reach out to a wider group of people, especially those ones from github with whom I collaborate at open-source projects on github – I count on your comments and suggestions!

I’m aware that my english isn’t very well so don’t hesitate you to correct me in a comment if I make some ugly grammar mistakes – I’ll be grateful. I hope someday my english will be fluent..

Second change: Form of the notes

Couple days ago AreK asks me in comments why I publish notes so rarely.
You should be aware that this is the first comment here from somebody who aren’t my colleague from work or next of kin.
Today I was thinking about that. Maybe the power of dev blog doesn’t lies only in its content but in the feedback & interactions with other programmers? Let’s try..

Writing tutorial-like notes tooks me a lot of time, so you may except more posts about what I’m currently doing and what doubts I have, rather typical HowTos like these about Google Guava or writing parser & interpreter with Scala parser combinators.

It’s worth to be mentioned that few weeks ago Maciej Rzepiński announced that he is going to develop a brand new version of scala.net.pl using Scala, Play! and MongoDB.
He didn’t have to urge me – I join to the project immediately (not literally, because broken hand makes coding very difficult and slow).
I see there a big oportunity for me (and maybe you?) to learn something new and introduce some ideas (for example: scala diggs).

You may find us at github. Any kind of contribution (code reviews, ideas, suggestions, pull requests, blueprints proposals etc.) will be welcome!

Expect some news from the battlefield here 😉


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